Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday: Thinking, thinking...


For once, random thoughts aren't coming! Or, well, now they are.

I'm learning Russian. Why? I dunno. It's just always been something I've wanted to learn. One of my "life goals" is to be tri-lingual (or more) before I die. Fluently. And then Spanish. I'm not sure if I include spanish in my 'tri' or not. So, maybe quad-lingual? Anyway. Russian is awesome. The Cyrillic alphabet? Awesome. Pronounciation? Actually not too hard. Of course I haven't, you know, said anything to an actual Russian speaker, so I could totally be f'ing it up. Dunno.

I was going to type out the "head, shoulders, knees and toes!" song but the only words I know from it is "knee" and "shoulder".
So, "head! плечо! колено! and toes!"
I bet some of you don't even see the russian, just a bunch of squares. I had to install the Russian typeset on my cpu.

So last night I got drunk. Seriously drunk. Like, two bottles of wine drunk. Although I warned Ben ahead of time (he would take the kids for the night), took a bunch of vitamins... actually woke up today only with a tiny bit of a headache.
Of course, last night I passed out on the bathroom floor in my own vomit. According to Ben (and the floor of the bathroom I had to clean up). I don't remember it though. All I remember is typing giddily to a friend and dancing around the living room.
After all the crap that happened over Christmas? I think I deserved it. I did waste two very good bottles of wine though.

My kids are both crashed on the couch. Together. I think that's the closest they've been without trying to kill each other. What IS it with kids lately? All my friends' kids are being brats too.

I have a huge stack of wood sitting in the middle of my living room floor. We're supposed to get anywhere from 2-6 inches before nightfall. Here's hoping we don't lose electric. Since no electric means no well pump which means no water.

I found three bras I bought a long time ago in a drawer under our bed that I forgot we had. I put one on. A push up one. Mm, boobs! And... then put four layers of clothes on over it.
When you have layers on? Boobs still look good. They just aren't as well defined.

I have laundry to fold.

I'm in love with True Blood. I've watched two full seasons over a week. I use it as background entertainment. Pause, do some dishes, play, pause, change laundry, play, pause, vacuum, play. It works very well.

Speaking of which. Back to it. And cleaning.


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Stacy Uncorked said...

It's been a long time since I've 'wasted' any wine like that - bet you won't be repeating that performance any time soon, right? ;)

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