Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Head over to Organizing Junkie for more meal plans!

This week's meal plan is fairly easy to do, since I will be working straight from our stockpile. We have $30 for groceries this pay period, so I will keep that in reserve for next week, so that we could get some fresh fruit and veggies.

Mon - Ham and bean soup, using broth from last night's potroast and ham saved from christmas. Home made 'sweet' rolls with butter, salad.

Tues - Chicken Salsa Fajitas (minus the flour) with all the trappings of fajitas.

Wed - Spicy Beans 'n' rice, cornbread, salad

Thurs - Crock pot cube steaks, mashed potatoes, salad, bread???

Fri - Hearty skillet supper, bread, salad

Sat - Black bean enchiladas (didn't get a chance to make these last week), cornbread, salad (I hope I have enough salad to go around!)

Sun - Pasta chicken alfredo, spaghetti for the girls. Garlic bread.

Mmm. I'm starving now! After scanning the recipes, I think I have everything needed for all these meals. We have plenty of fruit and snacks for the kids. Sandwich stuff for me. I did a nice grocery run Friday and stocked us up, so we're really ahead of the game. (For once!)


Lately I've been dying to go back to school. I've been studying Russian and guitar as things to distract me, but nothing beats the thrill of working towards good grades (am I insane?). I spoke to Ben about our tax refund and, assuming it's a fair amount, we agreed that we would pay out of pocket for the few credit hours I need to take to re-qualify for financial aid.

That's very reassuring. Even one class would be excellent. One step closer to a degree.

I'm also considering applying to OUL - Ohio University, Lancaster. I'm wondering if my financial aid restriction will prevent me from getting aid from OUL too. Something to think about.

Meanwhile, life goes on. We cancelled Tamsyn's birthday party because of bad roads and snow, but we had a nice little celebration just in our family. I got some great pictures of her. And then that afternoon we Skyped with Ben's parents and they had a blast.

The house has been coming along, too. Yesterday we cleaned out our closets and reorganized them so everything would fit. Ben cleaned out enough of the garage to fit my car in and fixed a few minor dents. We also cleaned out a LOT of the utility room, giving us a huge walkway instead of just a tiny little path!

So, on that note, time to go. I have SO much to catch up on in regards to the house today.



Julie from Momspective said...

Oh yummy yummy yummy! I'm staring at the clock begging for it to be dinner time. I'm making meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, corn and rolls. Perfect for this crazy Southern blizzard we have here!