Friday, January 14, 2011

Food Waste Friday, And An Honest Mail Delivery

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After skipping last week and posting an emo New Years post, I was a little afraid of my fridge.

I shouldn't have been!
We had a bag of deli ham that we didn't trust and gave to the dog yesterday. Other than that? A jar of bean soup, jars of beef broth (that probably could have been used tonight but I don't trust them), and a lonely 1/2 of a bagel. How the heck did THAT even get in there?

But anyway, a good week!

And now, a story about our mail lady.
We have the same lady every day, except Saturdays, we have a different lady. We've gotten to know each other because if I know I have a package coming, I run out there so she doesn't have to get out of the truck, because we're not exactly right next to the road, know what I mean?

Anyway, today I got the mail and noticed this weird piece of paper. A post-it note. An honest to god post-it note.

Would you be interested in a pygmy goat (buck) and wether goat for $50? If so give me a call XXX-XXXX. I could email pics if you would like.
Your mail carrier

Okay, so an awesome way to communicate.
But what kills me?
She put a freaking stamp on the back and scratched it out with a pen, like they would do with a real letter. And put our address on the back.

Talk about honesty, right? And I know she wrote it on the spot because I watched her scribbling something and figured it was just a "come pick up this letter" note.
But no. It was a post-it, stamped and scratched out, addressed, offering us goats.

(And how do I reply? Put another post-it in there with a stamp that she can scratch out? Hm.)


Shannon Angel said...

hahaha that's great. I think it's illegal to put anything in someone's mailbox that isn't post - which is why she did it that way (although, i have a suspicion you knew this already).
How to respond? Call the number she gave you, silly :)