Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday, and More


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Welcome to my first post of 2011!

One thing I have been terribly lax at is menu planning. For our family, when it works, it WORKS. When I don't make one, well, we go through the rush-whats-for-dinner daily.

So here we are again. A new year. Hopefully a new start.

Mon - Sweet & Sour Beef Stew over rice, homemade french bread

Tues - Bourbon chicken (a family favorite), stirfried veggies, over rice

Wed - Spaghetti or Alfredo pasta, more homemade bread, green beans

Th - Chili with cornbread, Broccoli

F - Bean enchiladas, cornbread, lemon garlic broccoli

S - Tamsyn's birthday party! We'll probably have a meat/cheese tray, so we'll finish that off, as well as cake and goodies.

Su - Plain ole' pot roast, french bread, salad

Now the trick: to stick with it!

Tamsyn turns 2 in 3 days (I originally typed '3 in 2 days'. WHOA, there, mommy, back up!). Her GF/DF/EF cake is ordered from Pattycake Bakery, a vegan bakery here in Columbus. I LOVE the fact that they are already vegan. They also take Gluten-free orders on a regular basis, so I'm not very worried about cross contamination. I could, of course, make T's cake here at home - but there is something about birthday cakes that makes me want buy them. Partly for the lovely decorations, done by real people. Partly because I LOVE birthday cake - the kind you get from a real bakery. LOVE it. Love it so much that I am having a 2nd, "regular" cake made for T's party. All for me (but I might share with some guests). After all, her birth day included me, right? So I get cake too!

Ahhem. Yes, I'm 6.

And in a random swing of topics, we sold Molly yesterday. :( For many reasons. The first is that the goats have to somehow pay for themselves... they weren't. Molly was the ringleader, she was a pain in the neck, so she went first.
Connie is up for sale, too. I'm debating on listing Nicky, just because I don't see any real reason to keep him.

I'm also considering breeding the "babies". I guess they're not really babies anymore! I'd like to wait until late January, though. That way they are a solid 9 months old. Connie was 8 months old when we bred her, and I feel that was a tiny bit too young.

Alright, well, time to go do some dishes, bake some bread, and make some yummy stew.



Miz Helen said...

Your menu looks very good. We would love your Chili and Corn Bread. Thank you for sharing and you have a great week!