Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ah, Tuesday, How I Love You

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Ah, Tuesday, how I love you. Tuesday is a relaxing day for me. The hustle and bustle and "catch-up" of Monday is over. The girls are back into their routine. And, of course, Random Tuesday. Visit the Un Mom for more people's random thoughts.

It's 2011. Kabloowie, there went my brain. This year, Tams will turn 2, Morrigan will turn 4 (4??? SERIOUSLY?), Ben and I will have our 4th wedding anniversary, and I will turn 24. Holy crap.

So we sold a goat yesterday, Molly. Connie, her daughter, is up for sale, but who would have thought... nobody wants to buy a goat who isn't giving any milk, because, duh, it's winter, and they eat but don't produce and then they suck all the money out of your 'farm fund'. Duh. Someone offered me $25 less than I listed her for. Considering accepting it. Money is good right now.

People won't call me back about their car. Am I a bad person for not calling them? If I can hold them off/if they don't call before Friday, we'll have a pay day in our pocket and can afford the repair, no problem. If they call before that, well, we might be in trouble.

Speaking of money, our tax refund is going into savings. I'm not screwing with this "holy crap we owe X $900 OMG WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET IT FROM!?!?!" crap anymore.

Ben is sick. Or getting sick. Today I woke up with a huge knot in my stomach. Ugh. I guess we've been lucky, since nobody has been sick this fall/winter yet. I have a feeling when/if we get it, it'll hit hard, though. Ben and I are both popping vitamin C like crazy. Oh, and B complex, garlic pills, echinacea. Anything to help prevent or otherwise lesson what is to come.

$6 grocery cart? BEST investment ever for the girls. Holy crap. I knew they'd play with it, but they PLAY with it. Thanks, JCPenney.

We're at that point where we're going to have to start rationing wood. The cold snap that hit us in early Dec. has hit our wood piles pretty hard. Time to start dressing in more than two layers.

I got a brand spankin' new kitchen knife set from my in-laws for Christmas. I can't tell you how much I love this set. Being able to actually, you know, cut things? Heaven. Also the BIL and his GF gave us a blender. Fan. Freaking. Tastic.

Every time our answering machine goes off, the dog howls. I crack up.

Alright, out of steam. Time to go take a shower, wake the heck up, and get some work done.



Keely said...

"Savings"? What is this "savings" you speak of?

(I try to do that with my tax return every year. Every year, something comes along at the exact same moment that the money needs to be spent on.)