Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a morning!


The morning started with whiney, fussy babies. Both of them. Morri had a meltdown immediately because I told her we had no pears. Tamsyn couldn't get her breakfast fast enough and screamed the entire time I was making her oatmeal. Neither of them calmed down until I turned on Charlotte's Web (our new library movie) and stuck their butts in front of it with their breakfast.

After gulping down a few bites of scalding oatmeal, myself, I decided to try for a shower. Now normally I can do this in the mornings. It takes them 10-15 minutes to eat, and they are content watching a movie/show for that time. I leave the door open so I can hear them.

So, I sneak away, get under the water, start washing my hair. Halfway through, I hear a CRASH and know immediately what it is. Corelle dishes have this distinct sound when they break, mostly because they don't just break, they SHATTER. Into a million slivers and pieces. So I run out of the bathroom, hair still all sudsy, to find half a bowl of oatmeal, in pieces, on the kitchen floor, and Tamsyn standing there with a startled expression.

I herd the kids into the living room and then stop and just stare for a minute. I didn't know what to do. Barricade the kitchen and finish my shower? Soap was starting to get into my eyes. Clean it up, naked and wet, wrapped in a towel while my hair left driplets of bubbles on the floor? And how did I clean up the gooey, shattered mess, anyway??? Shop-vac? Steam cleaner?

Finally I shook myself out of my daze, put on shoes, wrapped my hair in a 2nd towel. I picked up the larger pieces by hand and put them in a tub for later disposal, then used a broken down broom to push the rest into a pile. The broom scraped up a lot of the oatmeal, too, which was nice. Then I wiped down the oatmeal spots that were left and vacuumed well.

By this time, the kids were screaming and crying, and I had to remove them from the kitchen once or twice. I was upset and considering taking an Ativan (sometimes it takes my regular meds an hour or so to kick in) and had a headache coming on.

Finally it was all cleaned up. I put them back in front of the movie and jumped back into the shower. About a minute later Tamsyn follows me in and promptly slips on the wet-from-me-running-out floor. Smack! She cries because her head hits and I have to get out, conditioner in my hair this time, find her binky, calm her down, and set her back in front of the movie.

I hit the shower, again, and quickly finished, lest there be any more disasters.

Now Tams is down for a nap and Morri is in the living room. We are woefully behind schedule. I have to pack the kids a bag, pack them a lunch, dress them, stick dinner in the crock pot, finished getting dressed myself, run a brush through my hair. All before noon.

Guess I better go get to work.