Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Babies!

I realized today that I had never posted pictures of the goat kids! How forgetful of me!

Nessa and Nicky were born April 16th. Lonnie and Luna followed on the 18th.

I wasn't there for Nessa and Nicky's birth, but I showed up about half an hour after they were born. They had a rough start, especially Nicky, because Connie is a first time mom and didn't know what to do with them. We stuffed them full of warm water, stuck them on a heating pad, and used a blow-dryer until they were warm.


Nessa is the brown one. She reminded me of a Lioness - hence Nessa. Nicky is the black.

Meet Luna and Lonnie! Luna is on top.

Lonnie was born first and needed some assistance getting out, mostly because his head is HUGE. Luna came a few minutes later with no complications.

The kids go nuts with all the plastic and cardboard we have around the farm. For instance, our rain barrels (that we haven't set up yet) provide hours of entertainment.

Luna there is actually standing on top! The kids' balance and jumping ability never ceases to amaze me.

Nessa is kind of our fireball. She's not real friendly towards us, mostly because she's just very skittish and high strung.

The piles of cardboard we store for our garden (search lasagna gardening) act as a slide.


So that's the kids! We were blessed to have two does and two males. We will, of course, keep the does, and they will probably be bred in the late season next year. We will wether (castrate) Nicky as our companion male. Having a male around lets us know when the girls go into heat, even if he's castrated.

Lonnie will either be sold or sent to market when he grows a little bigger. We haven't decided. I think I would prefer him to be sold, but the prospect of fresh, grass-raised goat meat is also appealing.

More pictures to come, as they grow and play!