Monday, May 10, 2010

Morrigan's Birthday Dress

I decided, this year, in honor of my baby turning 3, I was going to sew her a birthday dress.

I am a amateur at sewing. I've done a few simple things a long time ago, like a pillow in high school, a few attempts at cloth diapers, and an apron that is, still, unfinished in my sewing box (but I have the pattern back from my friend so now I can finish it!). So for me, this was a big undertaking. But I figured I had two months (her birthday is in July) to figure it out, and there are a bunch of ladies on a local parenting board who I could run to frantically for help.

This is the pattern we picked out:

Birthday Dress

Only the skirt will be paneled, mixed with plain pink and a butterfly pattern Morri picked out. The top will be a light pink that matches the pink panels. The "Easy!" logo on it gives me hope.

Wish me luck! I'm hoping to find the pattern at Wal-mart (Joann's was sold out) today and start cutting.