Thursday, December 30, 2010

What A Day

This has probably been my most stable day in months. This morning I woke up, a little drowsy from the serequel, but in a good mood. I set out a fruit plate and some dry cereal for the girls, then stretched out in front of the fireplace and dozed until about 9:30. It is amazing how they well they are when I'm napping. I think my being so sick for 8 weeks helped them realize they could play without me... hee.

Anyway, I packed up the 400 pounds of beef that I picked up yesterday for a co-op and headed into Columbus. Another thing that amazes me is how excellent the girls are in the car. I suppose they kinda have to be - driving is a LOT of our daily life.

Met up with some ladies at SS, where I got rid of most of the beef, and headed to Aldi, where I somehow forgot my debit card's pin, and therefor had to have the poor checker lady void off $30 of my $50 order (I had a $20 cash in my wallet). Face red and embarassed, we promptly snuck out and headed home.

The girls napped in the car for almost an hour, so I spent the time cleaning out the front seat and back feet areas. I got out 2 trash bags full of garbage... HOLY CRAP. I found a bunch of shoes that were M-I-A, as well as some toys that Morri swore she left at grandma's. Also found my Kohls credit card, which is not a good thing, LOL!

Anyway, now I'm home, and doing some chores. It's been a very positive day. I feel very productive and self confident. I am stable. I was able to cuddle Morri for a few minutes after she bumped her head on a chair. I made the girls a full lunch, at the table, instead of snacks all day. I am considering working on our bedroom... it's been MONTHS since we've built the wall, and our side still isn't mudded completely.

I'm wondering if it's the serequel... if it is, this is totally worth being drowsy in the morning!


rae said...

sounds like a pretty darn good day!