Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GF/EF/DF Sugar Cookies & Toppings

When T was 'diagnosed' with allergies, I remember a few things went through my head.

With wheat, it was "What about sandwiches?!?!?"
With dairy, it was "What about cheese!?!?!"
And, for some reason, with eggs, it was "WHAT ABOUT COOKIES!?"

It has continued to be "what about cookies?" for a year or so now. And with Christmas, things like sugar cookies, gingerbread... you name it, it's there. And she can have none of them. :( Or at least, that was my idea.

For a year or so I've been buying GF/EF/DF cookies at a whopping $5-$10 per package. INSANE. But I did it to give my baby some cookie numminess.
Until sugar cookies. Unfortunately, run of the mill grocery stores don't have pre-cut, pre-shaped christmas cookies that are GF/EF/DF. Maybe they should. Could be a market there.

I looked up some recipes for T-safe cookies, and found most of them called for random substituted ingredients that we don't have on hand (cough-xanthamgum-cough). One thing we do have on hand is Domata, a great pre-mixed flour that can (pretty much) be substituted cup for cup for regular flour in a recipe. I just haven't used it much.
So finally I kicked myself in the butt, got up, and made this recipe, substituting the Domata for the flour and corn starch for the eggs. (And for the record, I wasn't aware you COULD sub starch for eggs until now. Thanks, Mr. Google.)

The verdict: They held shape REALLY well, during cutting and baking. However, they ended up hard as rocks, to the point where the girls couldn't actually bite down on them.

I was surprised at how well Tams could use a knife, both to get the icing ON the cookies and IN her mouth.


And then Morri, including missing front tooth:Photobucket